Home Lighting Trends for 2016

March 7, 2016

If you’re looking to update your lighting décor this year, we have put together some of the more popular home lighting trends for 2016.

Lighting is not just a functional part of your home, it expresses your sense of style. The type of lighting you use can set a mood or put the focus on design elements. There are even lighting systems that adjust the tint of the light for just the right setting.

Warm and Fuzzy

Warm metal light fixtures popular a generation ago are hot again. Brushed copper, bronze and brass pendants, lamps and sconces are among the more popular trends. The metals give a vintage, traditional touch to more modern designs. The classic metals are elegant and serve as a focal point for any design.

Crystal Clear

Bold, crystal chandeliers are another throwback lighting feature making a comeback. The elaborate, multi-light chandeliers of old are back, but in mini form and have broken out of the dining room and foyer. The more compact chandeliers are being used in bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms.

Home Lighting Trends

Hanging Out

Pendant lighting continues to be among the more popular home lighting trends. The pendants themselves are moving away from artistic glass and translucent designs to more industrial metal bowls and the deconstructed look of bare bulbs.

See The Light

LED lighting continues to grow as a lighting option. The benefits of LED lights include less energy use and longer life than other lighting sources. But the cold, intense light of some of the early LED bulbs were more than people could handle. LED technology has come a long way in making the light emitted warmer and more pleasing.

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