Patios Popular in New Home Construction

March 21, 2016

If you’re currently building a new home or living in a home that was built in the last two years, there is likely a patio or deck. These are popular features in new home construction.

That makes sense, of course, because we all enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s just relaxing with family or friends or hosting a party or cookout.

But did you know that what region of the country you live in may determine your preference for whether you have a patio or deck? According to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, approximately 56 percent of all new homes started in 2014 had a patio, while only 23 percent had a deck.

As a custom home builder in Ocala, we at Luetgert Development can attest to the popularity of patios and outdoor spaces. We can’t imagine building a custom home here in Florida without including a patio, terrace or outdoor space.

Patios Add Value to new homes

The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction or SOC offers data for the country’s nine census divisions. The South Atlantic division, of which Florida is a part, follows closely the national average with 56 percent of homes including patios and only 18 percent with decks.

The report does not include why patios are more preferable.

Patios are clearly king in the West South Central division, which includes Texas, with 79 percent of new homes having patios, and only 4 percent decks.   The opposite is true in the New England division in the Northeast, which includes Maine and New Hampshire. Decks beat patios 66 to 25 percent there.

Patios also reign in homes in the Pacific and Mountain regions at 65 and 66 percent, respectively, with decks at 25 and 24 percent.

It’s a tighter race in the West North Central Division, which includes Minnesota and Kansas. There, decks outpace patios just 45 to 41 percent.

According to Census figures, these shares or percentage levels have remained relatively stable since 2009.

The report does not include why patios and decks are more preferable in certain areas. Both can help increase the value of your home with decks adding 10 percent of value to your home and 12 percent for patios. Decks cost significantly less than patios but require more maintenance. The typical deck will last seven to eight years if it’s taken care of, while most patios can last up to 25 years with no maintenance.

Which do you prefer, deck or patio? Comment below. And if you have questions about this article, please contact us.