Home Improvement Ideas for Mother’s Day

May 2, 2016

Everyone knows that it’s the mom who really makes a house a home. They are the ones responsible for turning a plain and ordinary house into a warm and comfortable home for their families.

That’s why you should consider giving your mother a home improvement gift for Mother’s Day. And while this holiday reminds us to do something nice for our moms in May, most moms will be happy to accept this type of gift anytime of the year.

As a custom home builder in Ocala, we at Luetgert Development know all about giving moms what they want in their homes. We have built beautiful custom homes for many moms over the years, turning their home dreams into wonderful realities.

Consider these ideas for home improvement ideas for your Mom for Mother’s Day.

Smart Home Gift

Smart homes are all the rage these days so it might be time for mom to join the smart home revolution. You can start off small with a smart thermostat for your mom. That way she can adjust the temperature on her way home so it will just like she likes it.  If that doesn’t work, how about an easy home security camera or a robot vacuum? Now you’re talking. Read more about those in this previous blog article.

Give Mom The Gift of Home Improvement with Roll Out Shelving

Updating Cabinets

When we say updating cabinets, we’re not talking about a total kitchen renovation – although we at Luetgert Development can certainly help you with that. (Check out this blog.) We’re talking about updating the hardware – the pulls and knobs – to give the cabinets a new look. Or consider adding some roll-out shelving in several of her cabinets to make it easier to access the contents. There, there. That’s a nice son or daughter to do that for mama.

Flower Beds

Everyone knows moms like flowers. But anyone can send her flowers from a florist. How about spend some time with your mom replanting a flower bed in the yard? If she already has a landscaping service, consider shopping with mom for some great potted plants and flowers for her porch, patio or pool area. Throw in some gorgeous new flower pots too and you’re sure to be her favorite.

More storage

Can you have too much storage? Most moms are likely to say no. That’s why a gift of more storage makes great sense. Maybe you can help mom organize her garage so she can make better use of that space – like maybe get her car in there. Or help mom reorganize a closet or two. Just ask her if she needs help reorganizing any of her closets and see what she says. Helping mom and spending time with her, too? Moms love that kind of stuff.

What do you think about these Mother’s Day home improvement ideas? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you.