Prepare for Hurricane Season

June 7, 2016

June is upon us. That means hurricane season is here. It’s time to prepare your home for what a hurricane may bring. Don’t wait. Prepare for hurricane season now.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare ahead of the storm:

Secure Your Home

While there is no surefire way prevent damage, there are ways to minimize the effects.

  • Have a Plan: In the event of a hurricane, have a plan for where to ride out the storm or where to go in the event of an evacuation. Prepare survival kits with water, food, a flashlight, matches, fresh batteries a radio and necessary medication.
  • Storm Shutters: You can make your own or buy premade storm shutters for each window of your house. If you make your own, choose plywood that’s at least ¾-inch thick for maximum protection. A broken window can cause havoc to your home.
  • Caulk around Doors and Windows: Heavy wind and rain can cause undue stress on weak areas on your house.
  • Check Your Sump Pumps and Drains: Make sure they are working well, and keep extra batteries on hand.
  • Secure Heavy Items Outside: If you have a shed or a carport, make sure they are firmly attached. If you have to store your vehicle outside, make sure it isn’t under a tree.

Prepare for Hurricane Season with Storm Shutters

Insurance Coverage

A homeowner needs to assess their insurance coverage as they prepare for hurricane season. Policies vary greatly. Some insurance policies won’t cover wind damage. Also, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. You have to buy your own separate government-backed policy.

Update your insurance records and keep a copy of your policy in a safe place.

Buy a Generator

If you opt to ride out the storm, electricity can be down for a number of days. Buying a generator will make your stay during hurricane season less frustrating.

Learn how to properly use a generator and familiarize yourself with its major components. Gas-fueled generators should never be used indoors. The carbon monoxide fumes given off by the engine are deadly.

Practice fueling, starting and stopping the generator.

Prepare for Hurricane Season with a Generator

Protect Your Landscaping

Plants and trees can take a beating during a hurricane. Proper maintenance and a few tie downs can help your landscape weather the storm.

  • Trim Trees and Shrubs: You should take time to trim your trees. Remove dead branches so they don’t become projectiles during a storm. Trimming your landscape regularly builds stronger cores which help in heavy wind.
  • Tie Down: If you have small trees and shrubs, tie them down to prevent them from uprooting.

It is vital to prepare for hurricane season as early as you can. Don’t get complacent because storms haven’t hit your area in years.

What do you think about these hurricane preparedness tips? If you have questions about this article or our services, contact us today.